He helps me to pronounce Anne Hedge and calls me kid—that old
Casablanca dream.

He has a lot of women who love him: his sisters, his mom, his cousin, a second one and I
put myself in the hollow of his arm.

Pheromones are debunked, sorta, but I still
believe and live in them, and he sang
Patience, I’m trying
not to read into that.

And on a skiing trip in Vail, CO, he once saw Clint Eastwood and Gerald Ford walk by,
I wish
I could write they skied by but that’s not what happened. Also now I know
that the former president of the U.S.A. and the assembly line Ford are different people.

I freaked him out when he asked about the deer mask I told him it was about surrender and the willingness to die and I

made a movement like I slit my throat and that was a bit too much for him but then I talked about the old Greeks and he talked about me dancing with the mask on while guys etc. and that’s a part of it sure but not for real I think mostly
I like the idea of running, just running in the woods or that

one soft drop

to the undergrowth.