this poem
left tracks

spice tea, darkness,
the scheme of things,
end of October

A truck rushes through pre-dawn darkness
empty trailer
one of the slack cargo chains ringing out like a bell

a girl bends forward
to smell a flower that has
already gone to seed

two hands cradling crayons
alleys we walk down
our shadows before us

winter coming
more wood
to the fire

Image credit:Lukasz Szmigiel

Sunken ships--the rats calling the place home didn't make it out either--the oldest daughter didn't like me to begin with and Momma didn't know what to do with my love in the corral--I decided not to wait around for the movie and headed for Arizona where I met Jaci--she liked me pretty much and was into history--I told her I would meet her in the Indian ruins that night for love in the dust--

she said, "oooooooooo that makes me so wet!"

How did I do, Jay? Is this what you were looking for?