i tasted myself on him
the way a cat’s tongue
rakes through fur
or a pinched reflection
in the corner of my eye
resembles homesickness

time wraps around itself,
stuttering frames of old movies,
a promise of water
after a long ride

settling onto silk
breathing syncs into tandem
while morpheus cradles
and for the life of me
i can’t remember
what it feels like to sleep

time becomes memorizing
patterns in hair,
a pulsing neck vein,
the numbered twitch of an eye

i give away the hour
our spring demands,
awake and naked,
measuring the equity
of spending twice as long
contemplating skin

morning drags itself
through half-open shades,
salve for redness,
trifle and miracle

over coffee and scones
nothing he says
makes better sense
than his hands on my flesh,
my restraint taking hold
of budding seed within