Near the Mexico border
in the Chisos Mountains of West Texas
they say it is so dark that you can see
the entire Milky Way
without trying
I look to see how many miles the truck has
how many miles it is to Big Bend
calculate its condition
I see
there are many strange and comfortable places to stay
with old Navajo rugs and fireplaces
porches where I would sit for hours
brick and wood
artifacts of the southwest hanging
in every room
and I look
at the bank account
even though I know there is enough
to go
but think it would cost two thousand dollars
dollars that would be lost
in one view of the Milky Way
the rare birds and blooming cactus
looming mountains
vast desert landscape
a lightning storm
My mind crackles
imagining the long drive there
then returning
to my solace
I think the only reason not to go
is because I would want to stay there forever
and I can’t risk that

Selected byNolcha Fox
Image credit:John Benitez

I am a retired entomologist/educator and have been writing poetry for a long time. It's only been in the last few years that I have taken it a little more seriously. I keep trying through writing to find new perspectives that reveal the layers of meaning that are always there, just below the surface of the obvious. I write because I enjoy it, and sometime it helps me understand the world and myself better.