a sharp pain shot through the ground
in a room without windows
car doors slam
buddha arrives
from indiana
with feathers
in her hair
every month
staggers in
with lettuce
turning brown
sky is clear
wind is blurred
it’s a perfect day
I kissed buddha
several times
as the sun squatted
behind the forest
it’s time for my liver
to make new friends

don’t touch my organs
as you squeeze my heart
outside the emergency room
this one belongs
like a postcard
in the hand of god


Image credit:Mark Daynes

Totally dedicated to my Aires male directive. Create by destroying. Destroy by creating. I love word critters. And have played with them for over 40-years. They still win every time. My intent is to compose an arrangement of words that tend to suggest, as opposed to define, meaning. Meaning is entirely experiential. And 100% defined by the reader.