At the institute for divine research
we smeared live brain cells
on microscope slides
to see what consciousness looks like.
Under intense meditative stress
we stared into space
wondering if god
needs a therapist
he’s an introvert
and traumatized
from being ad infinitum
everlasting. No wonder
god’s favorite time of year is
halloween. Obviously we don’t know
what consciousness is as it pertains to our
abstract sense of costume. But god knows.
And for that he can never show his face.

Image credit:Science in HD

Totally dedicated to my Aires male directive. Create by destroying. Destroy by creating. I love word critters. And have played with them for over 40-years. They still win every time. My intent is to compose an arrangement of words that tend to suggest, as opposed to define, meaning. Meaning is entirely experiential. And 100% defined by the reader.