it is a thankless task
sweeping together
the parts of a person
dismantled by the wind

gauging by feel and heft
if everything is there
the limbs paired
the feet engaged
that they might carry the assemblage
through another day

it is the endless toil
of hands callousing
on rope and tiller
tacking into the source
acting as your own look-out
bo’s’un cargo and ballast

or on the metal plough
hacked and chilled by frost
while plodding the hillside
looking always into the earth
opening turning burying
then leaving the field to settle
while you linger in the stable
a little longer than you need to
listening to the movements
of tired horses

Image credit:Paul Zoetemeijer

Cameron McClure doesn’t exist. He is the pen-name for a  permanently retired civil servant who lives in Northern Ireland and likes nothing better than competitive banter over a pint or two. He believes it will all come right on the night because he’s happier that way and no-one has yet proved him wrong though a lot of well-meaning people try to for some reason.