A five year old stuck in no-child’s land between
The hospital and the duck.
The hospital had my mother,
The duck had me.

Once bitten
It was so hard for me to take even
One small step
Outside the old Virginia farmhouse.

Inside, the house was dark,
Shades pulled against the heat.
Books lined the walls
I couldn’t read.

By day,
I followed the thin black woman
Who told fortunes in tea-cups,
(And they were never good).

By night, I tried hard to huddle by my aunt,
Who didn’t like to hug and made me sleep alone.

Selected byJordan Trethewey
Image credit:Christina Gillette

I have exhibited in group and solo exhibitions in NYC, Upstate NY, in the Great Lakes region as well as internationally.


My poems have been published in literary journals and several anthologies, as well as in buses in Kalamazoo.


I would love to find a publisher for my poetry collection Gossiping With God.


I hold BFA and MFA degrees in visual art as well as an MSW, (that last really was a bad idea).