The smell of rain from my window
tried to prepare me for your death.
It tried to tell me that rain clouds
have become too heavy to carry your name.
Had I turned down the TV,
perhaps read a book instead,
I would have sensed the silence of birds
circling at dusk in mourning.
That following day
I dreamt of your smiling face.
I’d like to think you met my father
and laughed at one of his silly jokes.


Image credit:Katerina Kerdi

Born and raised in the United Arab Emirates, Enas Suleiman is a poet from Sudan. She is the author of Tidal Waves, a poetry collection published in the UK. In her book, she writes memories of her late father in the form of short poems. She is the co-founder of Nas With Notepads, a poetry community in Sudan. Some of her work has been published digitally and in print including Woman Scream: International Poetry Anthology of Female Voices and The Blue Nib. Enas has performed her poetry in different platforms across Sudan, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom.