Information is just another way of keeping people down.
If authority can’t justify itself it must be dismantled.
Multiple causality becomes the ultimate finality.

start by asking what does jesus know
about the second coming of 9-11
including mossad’s expertise
in controlled demolition
and global pandemics
(won’t be the last time
half-baked defines idaho)
barely at shoulder length
two blonde wigs so realistic
when you put them on
you get totally stupid
by way of deception
thou shalt make war
and serve the masses
white supremo pizza
double underscore
malarkey and go to
hogwash you filthy swine
(vile beast twice impeached)
pardon humanity dear shiva
we lost our white buffalo
during the jazz scene circa ’59
before europe metastasized
call me conservative but I doubt
pence gets invited to maralago
so its time to meet becky
and her kinky curly ponytail
so no creeper stuff because
becky swings like a machete
in the babylonian jungle
(gotta get off the internet
the deception is absurd)
smokin’ crack in a double wide
even the buddhist goddess
of compassion knows
sixty mossad ways
to deceive your mother
leads to lost children
on the monkey bars
the most common source
of injury includes falling
for lies down the stairs
slippery bathtubs border walls
and kids in cages crying for mamá

Image credit:Ioana Cristiana

Totally dedicated to my Aires male directive. Create by destroying. Destroy by creating. I love word critters. And have played with them for over 40-years. They still win every time. My intent is to compose an arrangement of words that tend to suggest, as opposed to define, meaning. Meaning is entirely experiential. And 100% defined by the reader.