Myrna was standing in a long line
waiting to checkout when a lady
in her early 60’s dropped her cane
& it turned out she had the same doctor

who replaced her hip as Myrna’s friend,
Lavern, the realtor that sold a house
to the gal who became the doctor’s
office manager, slash mistress.

It’s no surprise he “couldn’t leave his wife
(Myrna made the air quotes as she spoke)
& his kids” so he gave her a year’s salary
& a job referral much closer to home.

Myrna said her friend Lavern believes
the extra money, shorter drive time & the gas
savings alone helped ease her heartbreak.

The lady said her husband had owned
a gas station & garage in Hyde Park
for over 20 years & he came home
every night smelling like grease & oil.

& it turned out Myrna always wanted
to attend the Culinary school in the area
& a short, round man in line with them
said he spent a fortune going to that school

& now he cooks at the Howard Johnson’s
where Myrna goes occasionally on Friday
evenings for the All You Can Eat Fish Fry.

He told her to tell her waitress when she ordered
to tell Louie the chef that “Myrna’s here”
& he’d add extra hush puppies to her plate.

Selected byNolcha Fox
Image credit:Johnathan Macedo

I have one book of poetry published in Tucson by Moon Pony Press in 2009 titled, The Certainty of Looking Elsewhere. My poetry has been published in numerous small presses including: Dark Horse, Gargoyle, 6ix, Tor House Newsletter, The Moth.