2:02 a.m.
… collaborating with dead people …

I sit to breakfast with my stupid wealth
Jack sits across with his butter & toast
a pure victim of my imagination—hell, I’ve done it all my life
I was there when the bananas came
and ate all my monkeys
but Jack has some advice
he say “Drink up”
I say “but Jack, there is still blood in my semen”
he say “If the lights go out we will drink in the dark”

Image credit:Vinicius "amnx" Amano

Sunken ships--the rats calling the place home didn't make it out either--the oldest daughter didn't like me to begin with and Momma didn't know what to do with my love in the corral--I decided not to wait around for the movie and headed for Arizona where I met Jaci--she liked me pretty much and was into history--I told her I would meet her in the Indian ruins that night for love in the dust--

she said, "oooooooooo that makes me so wet!"

How did I do, Jay? Is this what you were looking for?