Rest easy unborn
while the warm air cools
without a sun
a dark blanket
growing damp
until gravid
with aqueous eggs
delivered to
each curving cradle
of an expecting grass
ready to fondle
its adopted child
until morning comes
with a warming sun
to hatch the diamond sparkles
to whence they came.

Image credit:Marvin Jansen van der Sligte

Thomas J Strong Bio

I was born in St. Paul, Mn the oldest boy of ten children. I attended St. Marks grade school and St.Paul Central high school. After high school I tried attending college (3 times) but dropped out and spent 4-5 years traveling. I finally graduated from the University of Minnesota with a BS-Chemical Engineering in 1981, got married and spent the next 35 years working and raising a family. I retired in 2017 and am working full time pursuing my muses.