in my eyes, we’re ageless

in my eyes, each exploding star
dust Pangeal atom
that conspired in our conception
has always existed
we have always existed

the galaxy flashes
in reverse, condensing
to the root
the seed from which the bloodless heart bloomed,
unfurled its violent existence

tell me what the clouds of creation
looked like, the first time
tell me about the flame
fury of becoming
the same heat that we possess
possesses us

tell me what color the initial inertia
emitted, searing glare at first
then, slow
smoldering betrayal
life sacrifices itself for the chance of being

in my eyes, you exist, poblano green
eternities persist, stare forward
gaze behind through
that clear impenetrable film—time—
which separates last year’s autumnal rust
from today’s tinged leaf

you are preserved, amber-yellow
fossilized veins
delicate as the first day
an intricate maze through which our pallid,
ill-fated souls wander, forever
and nowhere, all at once