It’s hard for me to accept things the way they are.
I want to fight for what’s right and fair.
Acceptance is a part of survival.

I don’t have to worry about whether
he loves me or he doesn’t
or if he loves someone else.
Here, authentic love is virtually possible
but is scientifically and logically impossible.
The will to survive is stronger.

I arrive at this understanding often,
but I’m emotional and I forget.

I’m sure the bull
would like to lay his horns down
on the prairie,
but if he does he’ll die.

What he doesn’t understand
is that it’s the nature of water—
once it evaporates,
it won’t return.

—May 26, 2019

Image credit:Richard Gatley

Cheryl Leverette—the pen name of Cheryl Ann Dodd—was a prolific poet who drew much inspiration from the company of other writers and artists online. She died on May 27, 2019. The rest of her inspiration came from her family. For her author bio on Open Arts Forum, she wrote, "I'm a grandmother living in Tennessee, enjoying my family and semi-retirement. I love writing and poetry as a hobby and also as a learning experience. It keeps me sharp."