Photogrammetry series “Ašrotmáš”



This started as my college project in the late 2021. It was a difficult time for me to learn a whole new technics. This is a generative, multi-step processing art project. Sound like something relative to AI art, but it’s not because my project requires a lot of manual work—scanning objects through generating models and building compositions, rendering, and finally the post-processing, which adds a few surface details. I started in October of 2021, and then I was very passionate about it because it was a very ambitious project. I created a lot of these artworks but unfortunately, I ended in May of 2022. I was exhausted and my interest in this was low. So again, I started to paint (because I am a multidisciplinary artist). I also recorded some music in the past two months and now I feel like the passion for photogrammetry has started to come back. I don’t know if I will create some new artworks but I hope. I titled this project “Ašrotmáš.” The whole concept has been written in the Slovak language. I wrote it a bit automatically and it almost makes no sense even in the Slovak language. I can’t translate it now.

—Nicholas Wintzler