The sex falls in
flecks and sputters as the
limousine windows slide down
                                 more laughable gracelessness
Matt Lauer and the ridiculousness of
his James Bond villainous office desk door locker
the “oh another oneness” of Tom Brokaw
putting his arms around a reporter’s waist in
a Denver studio and proposing an affair
the whole world knows now that
the allegedly beloved TV anchor is just
another goddamned schmuck plus
The Onion said Bill Cosby (America’s Dad)
was disoriented after the jury
slipped a conviction into his verdict
and we all laughed at the disgraced comedian
all us girls wear jade and silver now
some guys too
Image credit:Rob Kall

Maria Mazzenga writes poetry and fiction from her home in Arlington, Virginia.  She's collaborated on four books of art, poetry, and fiction with visual artist Roger Doyle. Most recently, she's had poetry published in The Amethyst Review, The Bitchin' Kitsch, and Eyedrum Periodically, and fiction published in Chronos.