A quest for spiders might lead to entrapment in silk threads
Palm reading: infinity is embedded in the ice crystals of hand-shaped clouds
Music vapors sing: the word smart has nothing to do with meditation
The grandmother was a psychic & still speaks in dreams–
To wit: overaged women are always underestimated
Digital clocks still tick, you just can’t hear them
Every human wears an infrared halo, as long as they are human
Rosicrucians hold blue light in their palms’ center
The relationship between Palm Trees and Palm Sunday is a memory complex
In that dream the grandmother was asked to protect something she couldn’t see (it happens a lot)
Unfathomable things hide inside the soft-wooded Linden tree, they are historical
If the errant planet wears a hat, you may hear choral singing in its rings
The line of spirit junkies will always be endless, paradoxically
You probably don’t need to know the person who won’t let go of his clawhammer
The search for Helium on the Flower Moon will continue after May is all you need to know
Offplanet sources will remain offline

Selected byJenn Zed
Image credit:DDP

Maria Mazzenga writes poetry and fiction from her home in Arlington, Virginia.  She's collaborated on four books of art, poetry, and fiction with visual artist Roger Doyle. Most recently, she's had poetry published in The Amethyst Review, The Bitchin' Kitsch, and Eyedrum Periodically, and fiction published in Chronos.