So when can you free up some time to see me?

Free up some time? “Time is one thing that’s
always free” — remember that, my dear Gottfried?

Sounds vaguely familiar. Who said that?

You did.


Yep, eight weeks ago tomorrow in physics.
You handed me that note when Dr. Mundt
turned to the board and diagrammed
the relationship between time and space.

Well, a lot’s happened since then, and anyway
you know what I mean, my darling Klarissa.
When can I see you?

Yes, I know what you mean—so much, dear—
and you can see me right now.

On my phone, you mean?

In your imagination, I mean. Where else?

Where else? I want to see you in person!

That will still be in your imagination.

Yeah, okay, true enough, I suppose.
So let me clarify my request a bit
for the sake of precise imaginary expression.
How about the two of us imaginary beings
meet up at the imaginary 70×7 Café
at the imaginary time 12:30 p.m. tomorrow?

Okay, I’ll be there, insofar as I can be at all.

I’d say that’s pretty far in. And out.

Out . . . if there were such a thing, my love.

Image credit:Kevin Cloney

I was born in Kansas near a wheat field and a crow. After graduating from college, I moved east in search of tall trees and high humidity. I sampled the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions before finding the Southeast most to my liking. There I met the loves of my life, Bronia and the children we gave birth to, Bud and Ruby. At the University of South Carolina, I was fortunate to step into a lovable career in ESL teaching and teacher training. Since retiring in 2011, I’ve focused on caregiving my parents and furthering my writing practice. My indie poetry books include Recipes for Gratitude, Flowers Grow Wild, Full Moon Story Night, and Aaliyah on the Road.