the dirt patch under
the power plant
has seen some grim fairy tales
overlooking dreamstreet

the mangiest of mushrooms
grow there, spottily,
near dessicated evergreens
and faux palmettos

it was the last stop
on the groove line
& she, the last customer

stepping off,
she tossed the
Korbel bottle at
one of the dead trees
it turned to dust
just as the train stopped

this is what you get
when you make expensive things
look cheap, she burped,
just before the streetlights
blinked off

Image credit:Ella Ivanescu

Maria Mazzenga writes poetry and fiction from her home in Arlington, Virginia.  She's collaborated on four books of art, poetry, and fiction with visual artist Roger Doyle. Most recently, she's had poetry published in The Amethyst Review, The Bitchin' Kitsch, and Eyedrum Periodically, and fiction published in Chronos.