of Cain’s Mayonnaise, circa 1975

Powder blue Porsche
both delicate and racy
for small town roads
speed limit sign,
30 miles per hour
certainly restricts this car.

Cotton-soft light blue color
obscures a fast-car image,
streaks from rotary, revs the circle
up to the gasoline pump,
hi-test, of course.

Meek attendant opens the fill,
inserts chrome and black hose –
too filthy for this car, places an
almost clean blue rag under the hose.

Owner stands perfunctory, provides
just enough presence to provoke my
tremulous young hand, face blanched white
I watch numbers flip slowly until the click.

My standard blue rag declined for drips, replaced
by owner’s white cotton cloth, he polishes
the now closed fill cover, attendant
left standing with a five dollar tip.

Blue car like a cloud, dissipates in smoky hum,
disregards the dusty speed limit sign.

Selected byNolcha Fox
Image credit:Fernando Hernandez

Julie A. Dickson has written poetry for over 50 years, has served on two poetry boards, has served as a guest editor for several journals, coordinated 100 Thousand Poets for Change for 5 years and her work appears often in publications including Medusa's Kitchen, Blue Heron Review, Open Door, Misfit, MasticadoresUSA, Ekphrastic Review and Uppagus. She has authored YA fiction books including "Bullied into Silence" [Piscataqua Press] and Poetry books, the latest being "Village Girl" [Goldfish Press]. Dickson holds a BPS in Behavioral Science, advocates for captive elephants and shares her home with two rescued semi-feral cats.