Nothing approaching
the soul-on-fire,

“I saw the best minds
of my generation destroyed
by madness…”

more like tossed potato salad.
Still, I don’t put down my pen.

My desktop Thesaurus
tries to help,
recommends I use
“ne’er do well”
to describe this slacker
source of inspiration
with a bad attitude.

I resort to sarcasm.
It’s my go-to.
I write,
“Is that you, Dada?”

The un-angel-headed hipster,
suggests I “fuck off.”

“What! No bop kabbalah?”
“No drear light of Zoo?”

“Take it or leave it.”

“All righty then, I’ll take it.”

Image credit:Laura Ohlman

I have one book of poetry published in Tucson by Moon Pony Press in 2009 titled, The Certainty of Looking Elsewhere. My poetry has been published in numerous small presses including: Dark Horse, Gargoyle, 6ix, Tor House Newsletter, The Moth.