Three by Pat Perrin


Inception: Life Emerges

Here on this fleck among the uncountable stars something takes form, eventually to wonder why we are and what to each other. This double-layered fiber piece is a direct expression of concepts that show up in most of my work—the mystery of organic life appearing and diversifying, whether from the sea or space or the primordial muck. (Linen, handmade paper, river stones, jasper beads, bamboo rod, 31″ x 36″ x 2.5″)

Crow: Pixels from 1985

Love at first sight—1985 in the University of Georgia art department, that little Mac with the small screen so the image was only visible in sections. Crow won an award from MacWorld that paid for my own Mac a couple of times over. It’s exciting to see here what people are doing with digital art now.

Message Caught in a Tree

A little wall hanging bearing the words of a fictional postfuturist sage named Aforista (alias Wim Coleman)—”Are you awake or just pretending?” (Handmade paper, linen, river stone, twig, 16x12x2.)

Pat Perrin is a lifelong visual artist and writer. She has taught art in public schools, including gifted and talented programs in Virginia and Georgia. For some years she co-owned a Shenandoah Valley “art farm,” then continued studio work while earning a PhD in Art Theory and Criticism from the University of Georgia. In recent years her work has been featured in Fiber Art Now magazine, exhibited in juried shows online, in NC, and in the Mexican town of San Miguel de Allende (where she and her husband, Wim Coleman, lived for 14 years and adopted their daughter). She is also a published author, usually writing in collaboration with her husband, who is an award-winning playwright and poet.