A man lays his hand on a woman. He sees through
her eyes the golden-breasted songbird. The woman looks
on the man and she thinks he will die. They wash, comb
and perfume their hair; together they put on their clothes.
Side by side they slip out from under sheltering trees;
behind them a gate clicks shut. Where a river goes after it
falls from a ledge into a cavern the man and woman can
only guess, but in time they might see everything there is
to see. A winged beetle whirs away as human thoughts
slide under its carapace.

Image credit:Faith Goble

I live on the north coast of Wales, in the UK. And I work as a cleaner. I've been a gardener, a decorator, I've worked in Paint and wallpaper shop, and I've hung curtains and blinds for a living.  Everything I know about poetry I've learned from a few books and the internet. I write because I enjoy it, and because it feels worthwhile.