The Window & Other Works


The Window

Traversing Alone

Yearning like a flower
looking to tilt its face
toward sun,
only night clutches the world
in loneliness,
when neither moon
nor stars are out.

Dark opaque clouds wrap up nothingness
into an empty package.

But I still want to open it to make me strong.


The Battle

Forget a While

Allow singing violins
to fill you, lift you up.

Float into great sky,
each breath a colorful cloud.

Wonders grow in merriment;
laughing is the sun
blowing kisses.

You are still you,
but as an invisible balloon.

Sometimes When I Walk



I enjoy both writing and visual art. I have written numerous poems and some stories in addition to creating visual art.

Sometimes I write and create visual art to be presented together, in my own ekphrastic response.

Lately I have been working on building different collections and portfolios. I am adding more work to three different collections, but one just needs the twentieth piece in order to be complete!

The mediums I work with the most are watercolor pencils and black sharpies together, and acrylic paints separately.

I only like to work on subjects that inspire me. Right now I seek the most inspiration from emotions, energies, animals, and anything reflective or introspective.