“The Quiet One”: Song by C. Kendrick & Bernie Langs; Recording & Video, Bernie Langs


My college buddy from years ago, the brilliant keyboardist Curtis Kendrick, met me in a NYC practice room and we bashed out basic chords, melodies and ideas for an homage to the late Beatle George Harrison (known as “The Quiet Beatle”).  I later completed the song, recorded it, and created this video. For the video, I searched the Internet for religious-based photos/videos that reflect George’s spiritual beliefs, and those mirroring his keen, Monty Python-like sense of humor.  There are many hints of Harrison’s lyrics strategically placed in the song as well, and I wrote a very Beatlesque ending and set it to a very famous Brit poem.
—Bernie Langs

Bernie Langs is the author of 20 novellas featured on the Amazon Kindle Store. Many of his stories are centered around painting, music, and art history. His new book, "The Plot", will appear in paperback in June on Amazon. Bernie maintains a SoundCloud page of recordings of his pop/rock compositions, playing all of the instruments with occasional guest vocals by the talented Matthew Murphy. He also posts on SoundCloud his imaginative cover versions of rock and pop hits from the past. On YouTube, you can find the many artistic videos he has created matching photos and films with his music. Bernie recently teamed with GECCOVIZION for his first animated video, "I Am Not the One". Bernie's music video, "Yeast Cell Growth Meets the Beatles", which matches his cover song recording with scientific micro-films, was chosen to appear on the "Labocine" video magazine Web site maintained by Imagine Science Films. In the past, Bernie wrote the monthly arts column for the "Natural Selections" newsletter for nearly eight years.