The Dark

I am not afraid of the dark.
it purrs at my feet,
in a puddle,
round and still.
It oozes along the floor
and climbs the wall
and hovers there.
I feel its warm breath.

I am not afraid of the dark.
My dog and I go outside to pee
We both mark our territory
He punctuates his deed with a
backward scraping of his hind legs
I squat like a child and peer
At the tiny yellow hole in the snow

I am not afraid of the dark.
I am afraid that you will slip away from me
And that I will forget
That we once heard coyotes wail—so close that
we ceased our whispering and giggling and held our breath.

Image credit:Jp Valery

Susan is new to poetry. She divides her time between New York where she helps create innovative startups in the fin tech world and Vermont where she likes to build stuff on her farm.  Poetry is both a means for sense of the world and a way to harken back to fond memories of writing extensively in school.