I couldn’t help but smile
when a bird outside our kitchen
trilled “Whew whew whew!”
Then it switched to “Wee-oop
whee-oop whee-oop!”

“Listen to that!” I cried aloud,
as Kim kept chopping her kale.
I went to the screen for a toke
while the bird continued.

The singing abruptly stopped,
and so did I.
I put away my pipe
and started a gluten-free diet.
I cancelled our subscription
to the New York Times,
and filed for divorce.

This was no surprise to Kim.
“You were always an asshole,”
she said. “Same as that
fucking bird.”

Selected byMaria Mazzenga
Image credit:Brian Henderson

Lance Jencks has been writing poetry for fifty years. In the 1970s he earned an MFA in Playwriting and a PhD in Contemporary Theatre. In the 1980s he published his verse-based roman á clef, "The Wisdom of Southern California," then toured that region with a one-man show of the same name. Lance has been an advertising copywriter, a stock-and-bond broker, and the guy who hooks your car to the chain at the car wash. He lives today in Newport Beach, California, where he was recently featured in the epic bodysurfing movie "Dirty Old Wedge" on Amazon.