Jane from Hastings
got me a 25g score of smack
from some ex of hers
we spread foil and crumble
a small amount of the powder
onto the foil
lighting it up from underneath
you got to put it on the player
Sweet Jane
while smoking this shit
through a rolled fifty pound note

Jane’s hair was bleached almost white
it was dry and split
her teeth crooked
and gapped
she wore tight jeans
and a Throbbing Gristle t-shirt
which I was going to steal
at some point
her body felt pimpled
she shaved her pubis
which i liked
but never really understood

Hastings is such a shithole
i only go there for Jane
and the decent smack she can get
by smugglers easy boating
from Europe

Image credit:Jenn Zed

Ms. Zed is an artist and writer who lives in Bath, England, with the ghost of her cat. She studied art, art history, and design at Bath and Cambridge universities.