Open Arts Forum is a peer-reviewed journal of the creative arts—all of them. If you’re a creative artist, writer, photographer, musician, etc., we’d love to consider your work for publication. We have a diverse group of editors with specializations in all creative genres, and those we have published also have a say in whose work is featured.

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Open Arts Forum is designed as an online magazine. We ultimately intend to make work presented here available in online, ebook, and paper form. If we publish you, we do our best to maximize exposure of your work.

Note that while there is a discussion board (Internet forum) attached to the site, most of its contents are not public so that material presented and discussed there is not considered “previously published.” Only work on the site’s front page is considered published.

Two Ways to Submit

There are two ways to submit your work to Open Arts Forum:

  1. Register on the site and submit your work through the forum. On the forum, you may also get feedback about your work from other members.
  2. Submit through the site’s Submittable page. If you submit work through Submittable, you should still register on this site because doing so makes it easier for editors to feature your work, if selected, on the front page.


If we publish your work, it remains your work. By submitting writing, art, photography, video, or other material to Open Arts Forum, you grant us the right to display it on the Open Arts Forum Web site or in any related serial publication, anthology, or newsletter. If your work appears elsewhere after we publish it, please acknowledge first publication in Open Arts Forum so that other talented artists and writers can hear about us.

Simultaneous Submissions

We accept simultaneous submissions. If one of the works you have submitted to us is accepted for publication elsewhere, please notify us (if through Submittable) or remove the piece from the forum so that one of our editors does not publish it on our front page.

Submitting Work to the Discussion Board

If, like many of our writers and artists, you choose to submit work through the site’s discussion board (forum), please note that the site’s editors will consider the work open to being considered for publication on the front page.

Advantages of Submitting Your Work Through the Discussion Board

The editors prefer that you submit work through the forum (or discussion board) part of the site. That’s because, due to the way the site is set up, selected pieces can more easily be featured on the front page if they are first submitted to the forum. We also like to establish lasting relationships with our contributors, and the forum provides us with the best medium to do that.

Many of our featured writers and artists also prefer submitting work through the forum, which is not publicly viewable but can be seen by registered members. This method of submission is free, easy, more personal, and gets responses faster from the editors than a submission through the Submittablepage.


Like most publications devoted to the creative arts, we unfortunately cannot pay contributors. We do, however, make a considerable effort to maximize the exposure your work receives. Also, once we have identified you as a person worth publishing, we attempt to establish a productive and enjoyable, ongoing artist-publisher relationship with you. Your status as a published artist or writer on Open Arts Forum also gives you an elevated status on the site’s discussion board and a stake in which other artists and writers get published.