My neighbor Bill wanted me to meet some of his friends.
I was a little apprehensive because I thought they might
be part of a religious group and I had no interest
in growing closer to God.

Bill said he wanted me to meet his friends because that
afternoon he had seen a man help a stray dog and he
believed it was a sign.

I said, a sign, what kind of sign is a man helping a dog,
and what does that have to do with me? Bill said, never
mind it’s too hard to explain, then he said, is tomorrow
OK to go meet my friends?

The next day Bill picked me up and immediately said he
had seen a dead snake in the middle of the road and he
thought it was a sign.

I was getting concerned about Bill and his signs and
asked, what do you mean, and Bill said, you have to be
vigilant, there are signs being revealed every day.

I said, whatever you say Bill, because I just wanted to
get this meeting with Bill’s friends over with and get
back to my normal routine.

Bill pulled up to a house on the other side of town.
Once we were in everyone’s attention was focused on me.
A lady with a feather in her hat said, look he is wearing
a yellow shirt with black buttons. Then a man who spoke
with a heavy German accent said, yes and did you notice
he arrived at precisely five fifty-five?

Bill introduced me to each of his friends as though I was
some sort of Jesus.

The hostess insisted I pet her lame dog and her husband
said everyone should check the lines on our hands to see if
any had lengthened or moved.

When we left Bill said look, there’s a halo circling the moon.
I said, yes it must be a sign. Bill agreed.

Bill dropped me off and as I walked in my door my wife asked,
well what were Bill’s friends like? I told her that on the way
home we missed all the red lights, and a cat that appeared
to be dead got up and walked without crutches.

Selected byNolcha Fox
Image credit:Joshua Earle

I want my art and writing to have humility, to be clear and void of deception. I want my audience to see without distraction, to feel I have not wasted their time with pomposity. I want to create bold, clean images and write simple, declarative sentences that cause people to confront their humanity.