It’s not so much
that I have changed

as how much I
am rearranged.

I would not have chosen
to fall in love.

She told me her heart
was mine whether I

wanted it or not.
I couldn’t help myself.

It was then I began
to disappear & show up

in other places.
When I looked in the mirror

I saw myself reflected
in other mirrors.

When I looked for my shoes
in the closet

I found them in the freezer.
When I looked

for my wristwatch
I found it on the doorknob.

I could not ignore the signs.
“Cold feet”

& “time to leave”
What choice did I have?

Selected byNolcha Fox
Image credit:Mantas Hesthaven

I have one book of poetry published in Tucson by Moon Pony Press in 2009 titled, The Certainty of Looking Elsewhere. My poetry has been published in numerous small presses including: Dark Horse, Gargoyle, 6ix, Tor House Newsletter, The Moth & Zocalo Magazine.