Purple makes you sweaty
while you shiver with a chill,
and morphs you into Betty
when your given name is Bill.

Aqua gets you placid,
but it has an ill effect:
it either leaves you flaccid,
or unwillingly erect.

Yellow smooths your edges,
you’ll be far less tightly wound —
and prepossessed by ledges
twenty floors above the ground.

Crimson makes you drowsy,
then it keeps you up all night;
the fact you’re feeling lousy
only means it’s working right.

Brown reduces smoking,
but you’ll grow a thicker waist,
while amber causes choking
from the grossly bitter taste.

Orange, when your mind’s a blur,
increases concentration —
but diarrhea may occur
(or chronic constipation).

Indigo afflicts you
with an unrelenting thirst;
alas, it might just fix you
if it doesn’t end you first.

Selected byJordan Trethewey
Image credit:psyberartist

Hugh does not prefer to talk about himself in the third person; if he did, he'd tell you he's in a self-imposed exile on the east coast of the USA but still loves his former home in the Sonoran Desert. His first book, Auditions For The Afterlife, was released in May of 2016.