The pinkie of your left hand is very small.
You rarely ever finish almond milk,
you make a face while eating cereal,
always pull hair of older sister Tanu,
and loudly scream when you return from school.
Your curious heart beats like a metronome
and I can hear it as I pull out my guitar
and practise switching chords to the soft rhythm.
I know I cannot strum. Your teacher says,
you should join skating classes, Granny thinks
you should swim and Tanu believes you should
go to a boarding school, and all that interests me
is that the pinkie of your left hand is very small.

Selected byJordan Trethewey
Image credit:Kourtlyn Lott

Jay Gandhi is a thirty-four year old poet residing in Mumbai, India. He's an Accountant by profession, a Guitarist and a Yoga Practitioner. He derives inspiration from mundane things. Poetry is his tool to find beauty in the daily routine. His poetry has been featured in anthologies such as Persian Sugar in English Tea, Poets on the Run, Saffron Flavoured Rock Candy and Once upon a meal. His poems have been published by the online magazine Muddy River Poetry Review and have made it to the front page of In free time, Jay likes to walk for long distances.