I need dense text
heavy panting
flowers thrown in the creek
I wanna go back to Cochranville for a week
when it’s summer and I can sleep down in a row of corn
I need sleep
I need the smell of you frying bacon for your incredible potato soup
I need a new old car
to beat around in with a tape deck for that hiss that lullabies me to sleep
and thumps like an urban boombox that makes the street vibrate
I need this to be published in heaven
I want to go there and win the lottery
I want brick and mortar
I want my cat sleeping in her cove bed, undisturbed by the sounds of the city
except for the ones that help her sleep like maybe the train that I wanna hop on to hear the tracks
and follow them back to the beginning of where it all went wrong
I don’t wanna die but I wanna go to heaven
I wanna reach into the bottom of this can of peaches poem and get the syrup all over the page
the sticky kind that smells like sugar
I wanna smear it into a simile
like a masterstroke
I wanna feel you feeling me
take your top off
let your boobs sag
I won’t look
I need an iced tea and an oatmeal cookie that won’t hurt my teeth
have you ever looked the wrong way and said screw it I’m turning around
that’s what I’m doing
I’m going back into the sunlight
I need a can of beer to throw up in the air and watch explode on the cement
did you dream you were talking to the dying?
I thought I was guiding a guy on his deathbed to heaven
I’d say things like look at all the exhaust, you’re not gonna miss that are you?
but right now I even love exhaust
the fumes from the muffler
on a cold night driving out of this
I need you to say something profound
something I’ve never heard
be my oscar winning movie
and my swim trunks in some new river where I’m swimming with the dogs
freshen it up
take the clock off the wall
fold it in half
break it in two
and put some turkey and mustard on there
and eat time as it eats us up
right now it just hangs around there on the wall
and you just wish it would go
(go go go go)
I need the kool aid man
just so I can tell him I don’t t wanna add sugar but he’s still cool anyway even if he doesn’t want to
I need you I need me
I need some sort of ending
maybe like this one