The Brazilian president was branded a “killer” by his opponents
as he popped out for a Saturday night hot dog on the day 965 more
of his citizens were reported to have died from Covid-19.
His elegant wife busied herself with a pair of Staffordshire Airedales
purchased to go next to the recliner on which her husband slouched, reading
the newest Nero Wolf mystery recently translated into Portuguese.

His pants were undone, his shoes off, and his Oxford shirt lay
across the chair. He chose to do his reading in his underwear.
He also sat with a beer, an Ivanhoe, a pale ale brewed in town.
A cigarette, a French make, lay smoldering in a crystal ashtray, the object
he would use as a weapon should he choose to kill his son, Enrique,
a little fool home for the holidays with some deadly news.

He had impregnated the daughter of the head of his security detail, a youth,
no more than fifteen, a girl with a captivating smile, who had crawled into his
bed one day some weeks ago. He’d been delighted by her curiosity and invited
her to stay. Together they explored a new life together. It all started when she
asked if she might hold his stiffy. She did as she was told and before either
knew what was what, she was facing the consequences.

Father was in no mood. Mother was in tears. Son, known to all as Enrique,
lay in his bed alone, playing with his cock. He thought, “Low and behold,
I am a man after all.” Her father had threatened to kill him. Enrique
was no monster. He was, in fact, a sweetie. Little fifteen-year-old Claudia
loved him. She lay between his legs with her cheek against his inner thigh.
She lay like that for hours. He had killed her.

We are talking about murder. Enrique had choked little Claudia to death.
She lay there now, her head lolling to its side, and the boy not yet nineteen
knew his life was over. He’d read his dad’s last Nero Wolf mystery and learned
the word dastardly in the second chapter. He thought now of that word.
He found it apt. He found his act to have been dastardly, although it had not
crossed his mind to think so as he squeezed her neck. This came later.

At the time, it had made him happy. Not for long. He thought now of the question
he had had to answer to gain admission to the University of Miami. The essay
answered the question of what it is about the Amazon that makes it unique.
He wrote extensively about the properties of Toucan shit and how it is used to
fertilize the cashew groves along the banks of the black river. After that,
he got a blow job from sweet Claudia. Then he put his hands around her neck.