Hardly a slither in the half-light
yet still gleaming
as if to restore our faith

in shackle and shank, mast
and boom
No harm to look and linger at her pale sickle
in the nautical twilight

So full of kinship as she wrings her hands
for yesterday’s dead
edifying lovers and dreamers

Her rhythms of renewal
offering hope
for those who we still revere

Now resurrecting seadog and smuggler
on his return to port
aloft in the wind manning the yards

Moon and mariner
suspended mid-sail like the embers of stars
lambent in the pellucid dawn

Selected byRaymond Huffman
Image credit:Bas Glaap

Mark A. Murphy is the editor of online journal, POETiCA REViEW. His poetry has appeared in over 250 magazines in print and online. He is the author of 7 full-length collections including "The Ruin of Eleanor Marx" due out in spring 2022 from Moloko Plus in Germany.


The boutique poetry pamphlet "Sea Wake & Some Last Poems" with Milner Place and Mark A. Murphy was also published by Moloko Plus in 2021