This selection of photos comes from Paul’s ongoing photography series, Limited Light. The series was born from a desire to photograph artists in a way that captured the essence and emotion of their art, rather than focusing solely on their physical appearance. Because of Limited Light’s unique aim, the portraits often grew to become a collaboration between Paul and the artists—the final product coming out of a mutual trust and a shared understanding of the ultimate goal. The process of taking these photographs has adapted over time, but each photo featured here was taken in a sixty-minute session. Purposefully, Paul had never seen most of the artists before meeting them to take their portraits—he’d only witnessed their art.

The artists Paul has worked with for this project range from poets to dancers to painters. There is no manipulation of the photographs, so what you see is what Paul saw when he took the photo. The name—Limited Light—comes from the fact that the only equipment Paul uses is camera; therefore, he has to rely on natural lighting and embrace how the subject is transformed by the changing light. This project, he says, has taught him how to accept uncertainty and see beauty in the variables he can’t control.

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Paul’s photographs have been published in Escapism Literary Magazine, Courtship of WindsBurningword Quarterly Journal, and was the featured artist in Nailed Magazine in October 2020.

Several of the photos below are featured in his first book, Limited Light (11th Street Press), where he mixes his portraits with narrative prose. Paul is currently working on a new series called Retrospective with Reading Glasses.

Paul Rabinowitz is an author, photographer and founder of ARTS By The People, a non-profit arts organization based in New Jersey. Through all mediums of art Paul aims to capture real people, flaws and all. He focuses on details that reveal the true essence of a subject, whether they be an artist he’s photographing or a fictional character he’s bringing to life on the page.

Paul’s photography, short fiction and poetry have appeared in many magazines and journals including Long Exposure Magazine, Artists & Authors Anthology, Linden Avenue Literary Journal, Pif Magazine, Courtship of Winds, Burningword, Evening Street Press, The Metaworker Literary Magazine, Adirondack Review, Voices Israel, The Bangalore Review and others, and a featured artist in Nailed Magazine in 2020. Paul is the author of Limited Light, a book of prose and portrait photography, and a novella, The Clay Urn, (Main Street Rag, 2020). Paul is working on his novel Confluence, and a collection of prose poems called Retrospective with Reading Glasses. His short stories, Little Gem Magnolia, The Monastery, Villa Dei Misteri and Poems in Morning Light with Cat are the inspiration for 4 short films to be released in 2021.

Paul has produced mixed media performances and poetry films that have appeared on stages and in theaters in New York City, New Jersey, Tel Aviv and Paris. Paul is a written word performer and the founder of The Platform, a monthly literary series in New Jersey, and Platform Review, a journal of voices and visual art from around the world. Paul is preparing for a solo show and retrospective at CCM Gallery in New Jersey in October, 2021.