Just got off the phone
with my Uncle Jim

2 years, 11
months, and
14 days in FCI Memphis behind
him. He’s
the one who taught me how to play
drums. Spent
thousands of rounds failing to get me interested in
guns. Took
me seriously as a
teenager, listened
patiently expecting
I might eventually have something to
Sold me
the Kawasaki
KZ 750 that he bought off the floor in
1983 then forgot about
in his garage,
among the bikes
he liked
and the bones of
grandpa’s old Volvo sedans.
oh-riginal miles on it.
Tennessee via Greyhound,
blue streak back to Austin.
I never
felt like such a badass than when I was on
that bike. Perfect
age, immortal, but
cognizant of crippling
disfigurement ahead
as the elderly motorist
makes a left on my green.

has prostate
cancer. Getting
his balls
radiated 5 days a
week. He’s
tired. And
his roof leaks.

Image credit:Anne Worner

Anthony Hughes is no Luddite, but he misses the zip and spin of rotary dial phones. Dialing someone with a lot of O's in their number could be a pain in the ass though, if you were in a hurry. He lives in Deep South Texas, enjoys a strong back, crawling, and talking about himself in the third person.