why do you come to me in this satanic moonlight?
you who were the red balloons of summer.
you who were every love song I sang for decades.

I’m sitting on the damp sidewalk
when I should be inside taking my medication.
But you came all spilled champagne glass eyes crying.

Who let you in my memory?
When did the fog over the harbor become your ghost?
And what am I to do with you tonight?

This tonight struck by lightning and sword.
This tonight of bad ideas and strangers lurking in these poverty shadows.
Go back to your flannel blankets and money.

It is too cold here for you.
There will be frost by morning.
And I always hated to see you cold.

Peter out with the light in my eyes.
You belong back in the darkness of the past.
I saw you and you’re not even there.

Leave my hallucinations.
You have been the rose of my delusion too long tonight.
Fade away like before.
Leave me on the side of the road of memory.

Let me mourn you
like the first rays of dawn
and a fist full of pills.