We found him in a dumpster, naked.

“It’s not what it looks like,” he said.

I thought it was. My associate, however, was taken in.

While we debated the finer points of perception, our newfound acquaintance said, “Can someone get me out of here?”

Before we knew it, we made love, the three of us, on the beach in a triangle. My associate, however, recalls it differently, with us making love, the three of us, in a triangle on the beach.

“Angels on a pinhead,” I said.

“Horse feathers,” quoth my associate.

Arm in arm in arm, we formed a triumvirate that day, ready to conquer the world. Our newfound acquaintance, however, had his sights set higher.

“The important thing,” he said, “is a sense of proportion. Let us enter,” he said, “the world of the mind.”

The only thing we entered that night, however, was a drunken stupor, and a violation of several federal statutes and the general laws of human decency.

The next morning we found ourselves alone, my associate and I, naked in a dumpster, bereft of wallets and pride.

“Horse feathers,” I said.

“Pinhead,” quoth my associate.