The votes are in. Mommy and the kids: 3. Daddy: 1.
They will go tonight to the Sizzler. The kids want the all-
you-can-eat soft serve ice-cream sundae. Little Tommy
likes to watch it flow on to the restaurant’s industrial carpeting.
At home, mommy would scream, but here she says it doesn’t matter.

Daddy had wanted Chinese. He loves sweet and sour pork.
Mommy hates it. He has been the loser on most of the votes lately.
In fact, the kids and mommy have voted him out of bed 4 days running.
Daddy no longer has veto power. That was taken away when his eldest
turned 6.

If his wife votes with the kids, which is most of the time,
Daddy hasn’t got a chance. Of course, it is his fault, and he knows it.
He’s the one who agreed to democratize the household. It’s only fair,
his wife insists. He doesn’t want to be called a tyrant. Now some
in the neighborhood have stopped calling him Bob. Behind his back,
they call him Sugar.