Free Broadside: Dan Flore’s “Homeless Poems”

Open Arts Press, LLC is pleased to announce the publication of Daniel F. Flore’s “Homeless Poems,” a self-printable trifold broadside containing a collection of new verse from Dan.

That black jacket I’m wearing in the picture is the actual jacket I wore when I was homeless. I hang onto it like a trophy.

Dan Flore

The broadside is free to all members of Open Arts Forum. To download yours, click here. For non-members, it’s available as an instant download on Open Arts Press’s announcement page.

Table of Contents:

  • fucking shit
  • another homeless night
  • tough love
  • you get horny when you’re homeless
  • hopes and dreams
  • bus to nowhere
  • home sweet home
  • when will the prodigal son come home
  • the magic world of reading


had kept the key
to the clubhouse
just in case
I ever had nowhere
to sleep
slept on a fancy leather couch
in the library
till the residents wondered
why the lights were on so late
got thrown out
spent the night
in a hotel parking lot, I think