when it has come and gone
as so much has already,
this too will be a distant memory
unreal to us

then, we will sit on the porch you will build
outside the country home we only dream of now.
I will say
Remember when I almost died
and you told me I didn’t have to?
And how many times you
sat me on your lap, spoke gently
so I could follow your words back to logic?
Thank you for that

you will say something like
aint no thang babeh

and we will laugh about how
I lost my mind


Image credit:James Garcia

I've always wanted to capture and show the beauty I see in the world: the pink of a flower, the silhouette of a tree against a night sky. While I use visual arts to express my appreciation of beauty, poetry is the means by which I express and explore my life's experiences to understand the depths of my emotions and how this world is at once beautifully and devastatingly fucked.


Once I decided that I could, the world of art opened up to me, or, I opened up to it.