Dear Tenant,

It has come to our attention that you’ve really been appreciating shelter. You lie on the couch and are so grateful to have a place to rest your aching mind. You look at the cat and imagine yourself in a cardboard box, begging for scraps for her with a sign that says my kitty needs to eat, please donate to her before you give anything to me. You have been very thankful that you are not in that situation. You’re often sick and need a place to try to get better and you pray to God thanking Him that you do. You look at your bed and remember the blue mats on the homeless shelter floor. You are so terrified of becoming homeless again and are not quite sure you’d even survive it. You eat good food prepared by the new oven we put it in and during grace you show your gratitude for not being hungry. We received your thank you note by the way and you’re welcome. Gratitude goes a long way but not far enough, as effective immediately you are evicted. Fear abounds on this planet and we are making yours a reality. That’s what happens when you love and appreciate something, it gets taken away. You clench onto life with all the strength you have only to see it pulled out of your grip. That is the purpose of this letter to let it all fall to shit. You didn’t do anything wrong we just want you out because this is the way the world works.


Logan Properties