Edwin was going bald
in high school.
Don’t ask me to describe him.

Just take my word for it.
He was not handsome.
The popular girls

didn’t want his cooties.
When he laughed
his buck teeth bucked.

His thick glasses
made his eyes look fat.
It’s no surprise

that Edwin
was a good judge of people.  
His favorite Beatle was George.  

He loved the natural world.
He developed his own film.
His hero was Ansel Adams.

He laughed easily
& he liked to tell jokes.
His favorite: the less-

than-a-genius who said,
I’d give my right arm
to be ambidextrous.

He became a geologist
& a surveyor.  
He wrote poetry.

My favorite:
the one about
the Senorita

who hat danced
around his heart.
He did not marry.