Dry Eye


My name is John Hansen a.k.a. Wiscojaydub

I am a self taught digital artist. I started doing digital art as a means of relaxation and fun.  After much experimentation with the various raster art programs,I fell in love with abstract art.  I have learned  colors, contrasts, hues, and the  balance. Along with compositions of artistic expression through experiencing real time art creation by practicing  digital art.

Using  four digital raster art programs, such as Twisted Brush, Dogwaffle, ArtRage, and Adobe Photoshop. In the Iast  nine years I have created over 7.000, different,digital images.  By using the various program's filters and tools for creating images, illusions, textures, and textiles. I have developed  a style from scratch that is unique. I believe, the viewer has their own meaningful understandings, looking at my abstracts.

The joy of creating art is incomparable, and I hope that this site will allow me to share my hope and joy with you, the viewer………                                                

                                            Yours, John Hansen a.k.a wiscojaydub