The end of an African
elephant’s tail is hairy.
The hair is coarse and
strong, like fishing line.

On big game safaris,
it’s traditional to cut off
the tail of your dead elephant
with a knife.

The bwana will take a
picture of you holding the
tail in one hand and your
knife in the other.

When posing, make sure to
hold the tail vertically: 
bloody stump down,
hairy tip up.

Don’ let blood drip
onto the hair. Nobody likes
bloody elephant hair.
It’s very hard to clean.

Legend says wearing an
elephant hair bracelet
will protect you from
misfortune and illness.

It will bring love, health
and prosperity.
You only need two
or three hairs.

You can buy a
bracelet on eBay
or you can kill
your own elephant.

Tanzania and Mozambique
still allow elephant
hunting. But Zimbabwe
is the best place to go.

You will find an elephant
to kill about midway
between Bulawayo
and Victoria Falls. 

Image credit:Sarah Kilian

Eliot Jacobson is a retired professor of mathematics and computer science, with a specialty in casino games. Eliot has been writing poetry most of his life, but finds words and metaphors very difficult compared to numbers and logic. Nowadays, Eliot spends much of his time as a docent at the local zoo and helping to produce & direct shows for the local community access TV station. Some say Eliot has become a mystical traveller on the great highway of life, others think Eliot should drink more beer.