Coincidental conjugations: A series of digital compositions


As I grow older, I see how places and events all interconnect, that what I do with my life affects not only my family but also my neighbors and even those living oceans away. It’s a bit like “six points of separation.” We are never too far from another idea, person, or place. The images here all relate to connectivity. They represent growth, evolution, success, and failure.

Sharing Our Islands Before the Boats Sail Away

Beyond Us Is More of the Same

Two Similar Sentences About Our Division

Planting Flags on What Isn’t Ours

Foreign Words Understood Slowly

Life Finds Its Own Way

I want my art and writing to have humility, to be clear and void of deception. I want my audience to see without distraction, to feel I have not wasted their time with pomposity. I want to create bold, clean images and write simple, declarative sentences that cause people to confront their humanity.