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Ellen Mary Hayes is a poet and visual artist exploring the transcendent qualities of the creative process. She embraces artistry to heal from disability. Her work is born from reflections on creating sacred homes, contemplations on the spirit, and meditations on the natural world. Her current project, Yellow-Songs, is a series of 4x4 inch paintings dressed in black wooden frames using watercolor on paper. The painted circle is employed throughout, acting as a bright container for ideas and symbols. Ellen has over 150 Yellow-Songs. Ellen's work has been featured in Red Noise Collective, the Easthampton City Arts Post Pause Exhibit, Last Leaves Magazine, Sonic Boom, Anchor House of Artists, Mystery Train Records, Eclipse Lit, Abandoned Building Brewery, Mud Season Review, Meat for Tea, Equinox, and elsewhere. Her poetry has appeared in Wellstone Poets, Spires Magazine, Silkworm and elsewhere. Ellen is gratefully based in Easthampton, MA. Find more of Ellen’s work (often paired with music) on Instagram@ellenmaryhayes1  Her email is ellenmaryhayes@gmail.com